Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mission Statment

To All you Members of the prestigious Greendale Community College. I, Tom B. shall be hosting a weekly blog on the 4th season of Community. True this may be for my Grad class but i promise to give the blog the seriousness and respect it deserves.

(Six Seasons and a movie)

But since Community won’t be airing new episodes until February 7th, and classes have already started, i will be discussing a few of the episodes from season 3 namely, episodes 19, 20, and 21. Episodes 19 and 21 are the last of a 3 part story arch and episode 20 is an excellent example of one of Community’s concept episodes.

So hope you stay with me all season. I’m going to be making improvements to the blog as the semester progresses and i pick up tips. So comments won’t be far behind.
Cool, cool, cool.

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