Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Conventions of Space & Time (Part IV)

The Wrap-Up

Britta shows that she really cares about Troy. This was the relationship development that i had been looking for over the past few episodes. She goes with Troy to this convention that she cares nothing about purely because Troy loves the show. Britta then supports and coaches Troy through the Toby shpeal and then encourages him to go find Abed when Troy is ready. Nice girlfriending, Britta!

Troy finds Toby and threatens to fight him...with fists. Toby flees and Abed is saved! Abed then tells Troy that "for the first time of my long history of being locked inside things, I knew someone would come." Ugh! so good. Character strengthening for Abed, the dynamic duo remain strong, I have faith in the world!

Annie explains to Jeff that she had been fantasizing about being married and had to confront him in the lobby to save face with the hotel staff. They, too, get back to good terms. Jeff then promises Annie that, "If we were married you wouldn't find me flirting with another woman in a hotel bar." So i guess they are not dating but I still stand by my belief that they are getting together within the season. Jeff clarifies that he sees her as an equal and he offers to buy her a drink. cool, cool, cool.

Overall, I think this has been my favorite episode of the season. Good laughs, multiple, strong plot lines, each which furthered the greater storyline.

I would definitely attend another Inspecticon.

See you all next week. Back to the standard format.


Preview for the New Episode!!!! It seems Greendale is getting a little Euro, ya?


  1. Great job with the live blogging! You seemed to do it effortlessly.

  2. Hey Thanks Paul! thanks for following!