Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Conventions of Space & Time (Season 4, Ep 3)

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(So for this episode, I'm giving live blogging a try. I'm going to write down my thoughts about the show four times and see how this changes my artistic interpretation :)  Let me know what you think)

This episode begins with Troy and Britta watching and old Inspector Space Time episode but they are both shirtless and in bed. We find out that they have been sleeping together but haven't told Abed due to his tendencies to freak out, retreat into a world he creates, and freeze like a Windows Vista. Britta then jumps out the window, grabs a vine, swings around to Annie's window, climbs to the next floor, starts grabbing socks, etc from various hiding spots only to arrive at Troy, Abed, and Annie's apartment door. Great sequence, never seen anything like it in the show. I wonder if Britta did the stunt work. nothing too impressive, it looked like it was mostly done through camera tricks/ cuts. But Abed has known they have been having sex for 2 weeks and hasn't told them because Britta keeps bringing doughnuts over.

I'm not sure if Britta actually wants to go to the convention. She seemed excited to be able to go but doesn't seem to like the show.

Jeff and Annie are traveling with the three Inspecticon attendees because they are going to ski near by. Seems their off camera relationship is moving forward as well. We'll have to see how these relationships are handled through the rest of the episode.

Pierce and Shirley we not invited because A) Pierce would ruin the convention and B) both of them wouldn't want to go.

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