Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Conventions of Space and Time (Part II)

Troy and Abed, along with all of the other attendees are decked out in their Inspector Space Time costumes in true Comic Con style. Not sure who's cosplay (or Inspeciplay??) is actually good because everything looks REALLY homemade. I'm not sure if they are trying to rag on Dr. Who fans or if this is coming from a perspective of "I know that Dr. Who, a show that i love and respect, is campy, ridiculous, and nerdy, but i love it. here are a few jokes!" or if it is a "Dr. Who is ridiculous (Period)"

(Personally, my most nerdy show/ confession is that I have watched far too many episodes of Stargate (SGU, Atlantis, and Universe) Stargate Universe was by far the best but it was only on for what, two seasons. I still pray that they unfreeze the crew and continue the series.) Moving along...

Abed has found a super Inspector fan named Toby (arguably the biggest Inspector fan) who now vies for Abeds attention/ time. Turns out Jeff and Annie can't go skiing because a bunch of boyscouts died in an avalanche?!?!? (going to have to go back and see if i miss heard that) Also, Jeff looks like one of the villains from the show, Thoraxis.

Annie and Jeff have a small fight, and Annie goes back to her room. She gets called "Mrs. Wigger" by the room service and loves it. Not in a creepy way, but in a "that's romantic, i hope this happens" way. And Lastly, an attractive woman asks if Jeff is Nigel, the actor who plays Thoraxis and in Old Jeff style, he puts on a British accent and says yes. I hope Jeff doesn't screw up his relationship with Annie. We know Jeff gets around but he isn't a cheater/ scumbag.

PS. Pierce and Sherley show up at the convention anyway, get dragged into a screening of an American version of Inspector space time.

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