Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Conventions of Space & Time (Part III)

"Girls have given me that look. That dude is trying to steal your boyfriend!" -Britta

Troy is starting to freak out that Abed is trying to replace him with Toby. Or maybe it's Toby who's trying to replace him. Honestly, it wouldn't be too much of a jump to think that Abed was looking for other friends. He said earlier in the show that he was "embracing change" and Troy had been "too busy having sex." When your friend is too busy with a new significant other, do you mope around or find someone else to hang with. From a logical- Abed perspective, you move on. But we'll see what's up.

Jeff is still talking to the Thoraxis fan and Annie's wife role play has escalated. She now is telling the bellhop that she and jeff have been having a rough patch, jeff is a doctor/lawyer, but this vacation will rekindle their relationship. But it turns out that "everyone" at the hotel thinks that Annie is so nice that they have to tell her about Jeff's "adultery" in the hotel lobby. (Normally they don't say anything about adultery because otherwise hotels wouldn't exist LOL) Annie then confronts Jeff and throws a drink in his face, the woman does the same, Jeff goes back to his room, angry.

Cut to Abed and Toby, Abed figures out that Toby was lying about having a best friend. Toby claims that he had to make sure that Abed was just like him and that the two of them aren't as "focused" as other people. Abed then makes the comparison to Inspector Space Time stating that the Inspector keeps human friends because they "keep him grounded" in the real world. Toby then logically decides to lock Abed in a phone booth until Stockholm Syndrome sets in.

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