Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finale Repeat or a Reinvetion?

Ok, here's the deal Jessica Biel, I'm a  bit busy so i'm not going to write much. enjoyed the last episode, liked that chang's back in the game.

Called it on the city college front.

But chatter on FB has been mentioning that the last episode might ANOTHER paint ball episode. if so, this will be the third. 

Note the paint balls around pierce's neck (i've been enjoying his absence btw)

 Link here

And then this was a facebook post on the Community website: 
" Did somebody say PAINTBALL!?

Mount up, the Community Season Finale starts tonight at 8/7c!"

This pict was attached
At first, i was immediately disappointed. It seemed the writers were falling back on the popular pain ball episodes to conclude the season. But if you watch the link in the fb post (spoilers?), they ad a very different twist.

Is it all in abed's head? how can this be real? Will this truly be a favor? What happened to City College and what do they have planed? Find out next time at on COMMUNITY!

Keeping my fingers crossed,

ps, your a big kid now, go find the other episode by yourself. god you grew up fast *tear*

pps (its on hulu)

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